London’s history as the centre of trade, science, politics and commerce naturally leads it to be jam packed full of museums dedicated to just about anything you could think of, a great many of which are free to enter. Everything from the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex to the invention of the internet, along with looking into the history of life on earth, the history of trade or how transport developed over the years, there is really something for everyone in the museums of London.

The Natural History Museum in Kensington is the granddaddy of all things biological and ecological, with everything from Dinosaurs to displays of how the earth has changed over the course of history. Upon entry you will be greeted by the titanic Blue Whale skeleton in the main hall. Further exhibits include the monumentally popular dinosaur exhibition, which contains skeletons of the vicious Velociraptor, the spiky Stegosaurus and the king of the dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Natural History Museum also contains sections on climate change, creepy crawlies, birds, butterflies and the human body amongst a huge amount of other interesting exhibits. It is a great place for the family for a day out or longer, I have probably spent a couple of weeks in there altogether. It will cost you absolutely nothing to get in, although any donations to the upkeep of the museum are greatly appreciated.

A five minute stroll from the front doors of the Natural History Museum will take you to the entrance of the Science Museum. Again one of the most popular museums in the world, the Science Museum really does make learning fun for kids, and grown ups too. Exhibits include hands on computer programmes to experiment with how science really works, as well as having the option to take time out to sit down and watch one of the many short documentaries that are shown in the museum.

These are probably the most famous museums in the capital, but if you have already seen them why not explore a bit further afield and go to the RAF Museum in North London at Hendon, The National Army Museum in West London at Chelsea or the Museum Of Docklands at West India Dock.

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