Crane Park

Crane Park in London
A nature reserve where it is possible to find kingfishers and water voles - if you are lucky. Running either side of the River Crane, the North part is in Richmond and the South is in Hounslow.

Formerly the site of a gunpowder factory, the brick tower is thought to have been a windmill to provide power for the gunpowder works. The island in the middle of the river is a nature reserve. There is a variety of habitats here including woodland, scrub riverbank and reedbed. There is a visitor centre that is open on Sunday afternoons.

Nearest stations:
OG: Whitton 1.52km
OG: Fulwell 2.22km
OG: Feltham 2.24km

Crane Park

Opening Times:
Public access to the area is always open.

Always check details regarding opening hours, accessibility and pricing before travelling.

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