In this section, you will find plenty of free to enter galleries spread right the way across the capital through the city centre and in the suburbs. In the National Gallery right in the centre, at Trafalgar Square, standing under the watchful eye of Lord Nelson, you’ll find the most important artworks from around the world all in one place. With exhibitions on Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Cezanne amongst a vast collection of others, the National Gallery is a great day out.

If you browse our map you will find many other galleries in London, so whether it’s the big, legendary status artists that you're after, or an unsung artist producing new material, you’ll find plenty of galleries to visit. If you are using public transport to get around have a look at the detailed information given for each of the attractions on our map. Each one lists the three closest stations including London Underground, Network Rail and the Docklands Light Railway.

If you don’t fancy a trip into the city centre, there are many hidden gems in the suburbs. For example, a quick train or bus journey to Twickenham in West London will take you to the doors of the Orleans House Gallery where you will find plenty of permanent exhibitions as well as seasonal events around Christmas and Easter. The gallery hosts plenty of fun events for children such as Santa’s grotto, Easter egg hunts, face painting and a whole host of creative ideas and classes for kids and grown ups alike.

Maybe you would prefer an East End take on all things art at the Chisenhale Gallery. This not for profit gallery displays up to five major exhibitions over the course of any given year, often devoted to the unsung local artists, giving Chisenhale a really unique feel. It is just a stones throw away from Mile End tube station, making it a really easy place to get to as well as being a great gallery in itself, well worth a look.

There are loads of galleries in London and these are just a few of them, check out our maps of art galleries selection above, just click on the one you’re interested in to find out more about it. Often, galleries will be reasonably close to each other, so you can even fit a couple on the same day.

Do be aware that some of the galleries are only open when they have an exhibition so be sure to check their web site before you visit. You can find a link to their web site on our detailed information page.

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