The London Olympic Games, Wembley Stadium, The Oval, the London Marathon and countless other major sporting events and arenas are located across the London Boroughs, so it is hardly surprising to know that the city boasts a huge amount of sporting activities. From watching Sunday league football in the local park, to the skateparks dotted around London, the city is perfect for any sports enthusiast.

Just outside of the South Bank Centre you will find perhaps the best known skatepark in London, past the street artists and performers along the South Bank, the skatepark there provides a place to practise to many of the city's best skaters and is in use almost constantly. So whether you want to just admire the skill of the skaters, or if you fancy showing off your own moves, the South Bank Skatepark is certainly a great place to check out.

Southwark Park Tennis Courts provide a different sporting outlet for anyone with an interest in tennis. Particularly busy in and around the time of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the tennis courts in Southwark are free to use for anyone who wishes to make use of them. If you or your children are the next Andy Murray, or if you just fancy having a bash, give it a go.

If your sporting preferences tend to be to just keep fit, there are numerous free outdoor gyms available for public use 24/7 all over London, Finsbury Park and Cantelowes Gardens to name but two. Many other smaller outdoor gyms and exercise equipment can be found in local parks, so rather than shelling out money to go to an indoor gym, you can do just as well using one of the many outdoor gyms around Central London.

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